Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Update #2

I think I'm done with my PFA Season 5 report transfer. The last two reports have nothing to do with my team or teambuilding method. I can't really say for sure what my fellow coaches were thinking or even what their teams stats and movesets looked like for sure. The finals came down to Ralker from the blue conference vs. BigEZ66 from the red conference. EZ ended up taking the bo1 finals, despite Ralker's strong record. I think Ralker's team just had a hard time breaking EZ's down. EZ had some bulky mons.

I think my next two reports will be on how to run a league and how to prepare for one, for people just getting into that sort of thing. They can be really fun, but can also fall apart on u, too. Stay tuned! :)

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